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Who We Are:

The Moka Latte Vocal Group is the music branch and public face of Mercyhill, a non-profit 501(c) organization. Moka Latte consists of local vocal and musical talent that join together to perform various programs, fundraisers and events. The group is headed up by husband & wife team, Brad & Yvonne Adams. Reaching out to encourage, uplift and support the present needs of Baby Boomers, seniors, adult singles and couples through the music and programs we provide.

Through our public appearances, events and other means that we incorporate we look to raise Alzheimer’s awareness. This debilitating disease is on the rise among adults & seniors as the Baby Boomer’s age into retirement.

Music is a powerful medium that speaks to people in a way no other means can. Moka Latte utilizes that connection between song and soul to minister joy, hope, inspiration, encouragement and thought, as well as simply having fun in a sometimes not so fun world. To find a break from the daily pressures, or to just enjoy the familiar hit songs of the past from the most influential generation to impact music, the Baby Boom generation.

The Moka Latte Vocal Group is available for certain special occasions. If interested in booking your event, or gathering more information, simply contact us from the information below:

Moka Latte

Brad Adams



Should you have questions or need to contact us, you can use the convenient form below.